Boyfriend gets off to magazine/ex girlfriend look alike... Should I toss them?

I found a picture of my boyfriend's ex and two maganizes with the same model on the cover and it definitely resembles his ex. Should I toss them out? I don't care if he needs to look at something else if I'm not around (we just moved in together so hoping he doesn't need them anymore!) but I do mind if he's picturing his ex! it's just weird and creepy. Right? What should I do?


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  • I think what would be quite hilarious and cool is if you replaced those pictures with your own naughty pictures. If I were in his position I would understand that gesture and I would be amazed by your acceptance.

    • Whatever you do don't throw them away without at least talking to him about it. Everything in a relationship is about being able to talk to each other and understand each other. Throwing those mags and his pics away is a bit impulsive and vindictive. It would be so much better if you simply talked about it.

  • it seems like he is not yet over his ex. i would confront him and ask him about it before throwing them out. i would not throw them out without saying anything to him, it seems a bit like you are his mother. but thats just my opinion.

    • It's been 4 years. She probably is "the one that got away" . Annoying.

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  • you should talk to him about it