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So why is it after a fight, and 3 weeks of no contact (as my boyfriend was out of town for work) my boyfriend makes it clear that he wants to get together. Then he gets back into town, and when I inquire about dinner he starts telling me that he is still upset, and scared... WHATS THE POINT of saying you want to see me, and then backing out?


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  • issues with who ever the fight was with, some people take grudges beyond single fight though most you won't hear about it because it ends up being talked about over phone calls emails face book or whatever else you want to use to keep the argument or fight going.

    he might not have kept it going after the fight but the other person might to show they are better but its all just school yard bull crap in my opinion so dont blame him to quickly if he is still being harassed by the other person who wants another fight and if your guy isn't a fighter then it might annoy he the other person is being an ass hole about and doesn't want you involved so you want get in the middle unless you already are some how.

    anyway you need to cut the guy some slack till things are over for him with this other person being mad over this just makes it a worse feeling for him which is not a good idea.


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  • He isn't scared he's too much of a pussy to just say it's over


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