I told him I don't like him when what I said is a lie, what do I do to make him know that I like him and maybe go out with him without being obvious?

We used to talk, but then we stopped because we got caught in our own lives. This year we sit next to each other in class and we have started to talk again. And we are on friendly terms. Both of us and others got selected to do something for school 2 of them were back to back. The first day was great we were talking a lot and flirting. As we on our separate busses we were texting each other and him and my friends found out about what we are talking about and the hearts and X's we were sending to each other. The day was done and I was at home , after we were texting a bit he asked me if it was true that I liked him. I called my friend and asked her what I should do and we decided to denie it as I didn't know who he felt about me and me been in a bad ending relationship previous.

The rest of the chat finished quite fast and he wasn't replying like before. The next day was a bit awkward at first but as he day went on we were back to normal. Later we all went and got a McDonald's. One of our friends brings up out chats and gives us a fake relationship name. we both shut them down and didn't speak anymore about the matter. I feel like he is being more distant towards me now. I know I said I didn't like him but I lied, I like him and maybe want to go out with him how do I get him to see that and like me?


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  • This frustrates me so much and you wouldn't believe how common the mistake you made is. Yes you can fix it but it will mean you have o do it in person face to face not on a phone or threw text. Don't ever do something like this again because as you can see it creates problems when your not honest. Tell him the truth tell him you lied and why you were afraid share your feelings and open yourself to him then ask him if he will go out with you I'm sure the answer will be yes. You must do it as fast as possible once a heart beat hut down it begins to look for other options don't let this heart begin looking because then the issue will be more difficult to handle. Go now immediately and tell him. I promise if you do it will be fine but be honest now go. I wish you and him luck and good fortune in your new relationship. Good luck dear and hury there really isn't much time to waist.

    • Thank you so much I seriously don't want to look like an idiot if he doesn't like me, I was stupid about how I approached the situation I know

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    • Thank you will do 😸

  • You tell him the truth

  • Throw hints that suggest that you struggle with liking him


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