What does it mean for a girl to have a "sexy walk"?

I recently started dating this guy and he pointed out to me that I have a very "sexy walk." I was a little surprised because I wasn't even trying to be flirtatious and I was just being myself ahahah :) Of course I was totally flattered by his comment but I guess I'm just wondering what distinguishes a sexy walk from a normal/everyday walk? He also says that I come across very playful even when I'm dressed in conservative clothing. I usually don't dress provocatively so I was interested to see how girls can come across that way even when we're not showing too much skin? It honestly made me worry a little bit that I might be giving off a sexy vibe when I'm not even meaning to. Please let me know what you guys consider sexy and what I can do to turn it down a notch. The last thing I want to do is come across that way when the setting is inappropriate. It just really got my thinking. Thanks in advance for your answers!! :)


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  • They say the best things in life, happen when you least expect it to


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  • you just moves your hips a lot. That's it

    • I hope that's it lol :)

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    • then you just really swing those hips

    • Ahaha :) I guess that must be my secret lol :P Thanks for answering my question


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  • He could just be trying to flirt with you and trying to make you feel good.

    • Have you ever seen a girl with a sexy walk and would you comment about it? :) Just curious

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  • People tell me the same. Men and women. 😑

    • Do you mind when people tell you that? :) I kind of feel self-conscious about it ahaha

    • Lwhen I was younger it made me feel weird but not anymore