Is honesty the best policy in this case?

I had cheated on my ex with my friend. Coincidently he was my best friends ex from 4 years ago. Realizing how fucked up I am, I decided to be alone for a while. However, I still consider the possibility that me and my friend might try something eventually. Anyway, he obviously didn't want me to tell people about what we did. I was talking to my friend about how I cheated on my ex and all the messed up shit that I'm trying to sort through but I made it vaguely enough to where I didn't have to mention his name. For some reason she asked me if it was him! She fucking guessed it and of course I felt terrible. She was a little upset, but she said that it didn't change our friendship or anything. She just has a small amount of feelings left over and she said if anything this will help her completely get over him.
I want to tell my friend that she found out. I want to keep things completely honest because I'm trying to be better about that, but I also feel like it might just cause him pain and it may be pointless to tell him since we are only friends. Is honesty the best policy in this situation? Thanks.

(PS - I know I'm a shitty person but Im working on getting better. The past is the past and I'm moving forward. I know this won't stop all the negative comments, but whatever.)


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  • Lol. You cheated on your man with your friends ex and were talking about it to said friend without mentioning its her ex?
    Ho level 1000.
    I usually offer some kind of advice even if the post is very upsetting, but here i really just can't make myself give a fuck.
    This is so wrong that its not even serious.. Its actually funny that you take your friends ex's feelings into consideration


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  • Well I do think in this case you should tell your friend because you can never rely on other people keeping their mouths shut, its better you tell him then he finding out other wise if he had asked you to keep it private. If the hook up is in the past and is not going to happen again then I would say tell him, because there's no guarantee that your other female friend won't say anything.


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  • Yes be honest. What's the alternative? Be a fucking liar in addition to a cheat?

  • Honesty is always the best policy


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