Girls, she seemed like she didn't want to talk to me?

Texting and calling was great. she told her friends about our first date but when we met after 1 month a while ago. it was like she didn't want to talk to me. she didn't want me to hold her anymore but on our first date we held hands. what should i do? stop contact?


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  • Ask her what's wrong. Ask if you did anything to hurt her or something. Not via text/call. Ask in person


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  • Don't fall for this ghosting act of hers and tell her that you have observed her odd behavior.

    I honestly think you were ghosted and there is more to this absence of communication. Both of you should talk, confer points of view, so this would be resolved ASAP.

    Stopping contact would simply confirm that this issue doesn't concern you, that you're letting her realize that you're better not seeing her anyway, and you have no intentions to keep in touch.

    • She said she was shy. I actually had to go through a needle to finally meet her a while ago. I'm just confused and the moment she went home she let me know that she was I'm confused. She's acting both interested and uninterested.

    • Well, there you have it. She informed you of her shyness so that kinds of explains how she behaved a while ago. But I think she needs to elaborate about that. I believe there's more to that shyness. I'm kind of certain she is being hesitant about something between the two of you.

      Communicating virtually is kind of different from communicating in real life so when you personally met, I think she was overwhelmed enough to finally see you in person again.

  • Don't talk to her let her talk to you...
    Be how she's being and tell her what she's doing is wrong.

  • If your date was a month ago and there hasn't been a second one, there's no future here