Why do some guys get mad at me when I offer to pay on a date?

Whenever guys ask me out in the past and even now with my boyfriend they would never let me pay like I would offer to pay and then they'd say no and then I'd say no it's okay I'll pay and then we keep "taking/arguing about that" for like 5 minutes till they finally say I'll pay and I say okay because I see them starring to get mad. So why do guys not like when the girl pays for the date? And why do they get mad when you offer to do? I personally feel a bit uncomfortable having the guy pay for the whole date.

By pay I mean split the check! And I thought guys get mad and stuff when you don't pay? Because that's what most of the guys on here say lol


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  • Because they are supposed to be treating you. so paying for it kinda yanks that from under them. kinda stops it from feeling like a date to just hanging out.
    thats the best i can come up with, im sure there's better. i just never really cared.


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  • whoever asks, pay. So if they are asking you out, they should pay and know too. Some guys like to pay regardless of who asks who and that is fine. But yeah, that makes them feel less of a man if they ask you out and have you pay. No hun. Dont ever do that again.

    I know you care and feeling some way, but men know or most men know that they should pay esp on the first date. Just a traditional thing. in Most places guy are like this.

    so thats why. They feel like they ask you out so they should pay. thats letting a man be a man. Dont ever do that again esp when you see a pattern in arguing over this. Did you parents teach you to pay for dates like that?


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  • I like to pay
    Even if it's a date or a hangout
    Whenever I'm with a girl I'll pay
    And tell her not to dare touch her purse 😂

  • i dont mind, i think we should split the bill.

    • Yeah that's what i want to do too but they rather just pay the whole thing for some reason lol which is confusing because I thought all guys preferred splitting the bill

  • Because they know your not interested in them when you say those words. Basically your telling them i don't owe you sex just because you took me out because i payed for my own stuff.


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