Asking for a co-workers number?

Hi, there's this pretty girl that started working in the same place I work at. She has been here like 3 weeks and I try talking to her but I always get a bit nervous and run out of things to say.

I was was thinking about asking for her number. I know she has two kids but have no idea if there is a boyfriend or husband. Would it be okay to ask for her number and if so how should I phrase it?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should try talking to her more so you can find out if she's single. Asking for her number might be jumping the gun since she's a co-worker and you have to see her all the time. Just trying being a friend and being friendly first.

    • Alright I'll try and do that. Thanks. So I think I'll wait a few days and try and talk to her but in our job it's more of an isolated job. But when I do ask for her number how should I phrase it? Like "want to exchange numbers?" Or just the simple "Can I have your number?"

    • Maybe... Could I have your number?

What Guys Said 2

  • You have so much to learn if you are even considering dating a woman that has kids. Then there is the bad idea of mixing business with pleasure.

    By the way, there is always a boyfriend or a husband lurking somewhere no matter what. My advice is simple. stay the hell away and if a girl is pretty, she is probably just damn good at putting on makeup.

  • "Hey let's grab a drink after work, give me your number"

    • Well I don't drink and she has two kids so I don't know about that.