Does he have feelings for me, even though we started up as a hook up?

So seeing this guy, first off as casual hookup and now I think it's become something else. I love being with him; we have great chemistry, the sex is amazing and our personalities align. Because this started as a hook up, Im still kind of treating it as one and careful not to reveal how i feel or feel anything at all lol, although he sleeps over and now started doing some couply things (lunches, running errands together etc). He's kind of opened up about how he feels (i. e. he thinks about me, how he misses me) and how we could hang out more, but I feel like I'm always the one initiating our meet ups. He's always up to see me so I know there;s something there. I feel like I like him too, but I don;t know to navigate in this situation. Does he actually like me or are we just friends with benefits?


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  • I am in a similar situation as well.

    From the sounds of it, he's really into you. More than just a hook up it seems. If you really want to know, I'd say to sit down and have the talk. Ask him what his intentions are, if he's seeing other people or just you, and go from there!


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  • Nope, he is just a guy hooked you up.


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  • you need to ask him.

    but if a guy doesn't "like" you right away, he is usually literally just being a dick and sleeping with you for sexual satisfaction.

    it is also very difficult to change his mind into liking you.