What does it mean if a guy cancels numerous dates with lame excuses?

My friend has been texting with this guy for nearly six months and they've tried to arrange a meeting, but every time they do, he either cancels or just doesn't show up. This has happened a couple of times.

He was even in her city (he lives five hours away), and agreed on meeting her, but didn't contact her at all during the two days he was there and only texted once he was out of town.

What does it mean? It's been going on for MONTHS but they're still texting.


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  • 1. If they met online, maybe he's not who he says he is and that's why he keeps pushing back an in-person meeting. i. e. catfish.

    2. He's going out with another girl or girls, maybe even has a girlfriend, and your friend is a back-up option he's just stringing along.

    She should stop talking to him and find someone else. She's better off with a guy who actually likes her and doesn't constantly delay and flake on meeting up.

    • They actually met a long time ago, something was up, but then he got a girlfriend. When he broke up with his girlfriend six months ago he started texting my friend again. And... they haven't met once during the last six months although there were numerous occasions.

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  • If he's your friend why don't you ask him?

    • No, the GIRL is my friend, not the guy. Everyone's telling her he's a douche, but she's still willing to text and talk to him even though he has been doing this for six months.

    • Sorry, that was my bad.

    • Thanks for MH Guy opinion (even though I misread your question details!)! LOL


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  • Probably means he's not interested. Doesn't put her as a priority or a mere interest, just probably likes being texting buddies because it docent require a lot of effort.

  • He's not interested in her. Probably just uses her as an ego boost.

  • he is a bitch.

    she needs to find a guy she deserves. tell her to forget this guy.


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