If you feel that you are bothering someone or being ignored should you tell them?

I've been talking to this one guy for a couple of months. He used to reply back to me quickly and through out the day. This week he has been replying like once a day. He said that his buddy was at his house because he was having some issues with his girl. He also said that he has been doing stuff and has been busy but didn't go into details about what he was busy with. He doesn't have to explain anything to me I guess. I don't know. This week I just feel a bit ignored. We had one talk about a few days ago where he finally told me that he likes me. And that made me feel great and happy. But all this week I barely hear from him. It's pretty much one response a day. I feel like I'm bothering him, annoying him and im being ignored when I text him and get no response. I don't know what's going on. Maybe he's having problems, family issues, entertaining his buddy or maybe he just doesn't want to talk to me this week. I thought maybe I'm over reacting. I didn't know if I should tell him that I feel like I'm annoying him and bothering him or if I should just lean back and stop texting him and let him reach out to me while thinking nothing of it?


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  • I have no trouble telling someone to leave me alone but yeah move on


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  • If you already asked him if he's okay, there's not much else you can do. As long as he hasn't revealed any problems to you, I think you should leave him be and let him text you first only. That means do not text him anymore until he reaches out to you. He will either notice and start taking initiative again, or you will get your answer. Trust me, I know easier said than done, as I'm sure you have already formed at least some attachment to him and are very used to talking to him--but this is the best way to see how he feels about you at this point. I suggest not to keep talking about it and pushing the issue. His actions will tell you all you need to know.

    • You're right. I should stop texting him and let him reach out to me at this point. He said he likes me but his actions will show how he feels. And you're right, it is hard to stop texting him. I guess I miss his attention and I enjoy talking to him. I also think that I do have an attachment to him.

    • Yes, absolutely. And it's the worst when they suddenly back away, because then we suffer because we already are attached. You can do it though--good luck :*

    • I don't understand why they back away though. Smh. And thank you =) I believe I can do it.


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  • If I feel I'm being ignored and someone doesn't want to speak to me then I assume they don't want me to contact them anymore.

    If they were ignoring my messages then I'd feel I was being a nuisance by texting. So I'd respect their decision and wait until they contacted me.

  • 😟😟The same thing happened to me a while agoπŸ˜–πŸ˜– I'm not really sure why guys do da...😩😩 But it's best to talk to them about it... Ask him if your bothering him... if he said yes then it's best to move on and forget about him 😞😞

    • I kinda asked a couple days ago. I told him I thought that I was bothering him. He said no, it's ok I've just been busy and doing stuff. And that his friend was at his house. And he said he was a bad texter =/

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    • Thank you I will remember that =)

    • Your very welcome :)

  • he's not worth it