Would this be considered too forward?

i have been on 2 dates with a guy. we talked a lot and got along well although he didn't really flirt and we were talking just like friends. before he dropped me off after the 2nd date which was last night he said that if im not doing anything on the weekend let him know. we haven't kissed. i wanted him to kiss me but he hasn't made that move. do you think he's interested and shy or just dont find me attractive ( he doesn't come across as a shy person ). also im thinking of texting him this " why didn't you kiss me last night?" is it weird and too forward haha?


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  • I don't usually kiss a girl until the third date since I want to make sure we have a foundation of something more than sexual attraction which can easily confuse my judgment if I like a girl. That is a personal thing. As for this guy, there could be a long list of reasons why he hasn't kissed you yet. I would say go out with him again and give him plenty of times to try to kiss you first. Just because a guy doesn't seem shy or is very confident does not hold any merit to kissing a girl. That can be extremely terrifying for the most confident of guys. I recommend on holding off on the text since this will just make even more tension that might already be there for him. Just go out with him again and set him up to kiss you, or better yet kiss him if you think that's something he might be open to. You have to read more than their words and body language. You'll figure it out ;)


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  • ... Before he dropped me off after the 2nd date which was last night...
    It appears that Three Strikes so far and not Out of the Date Scene with him, He is just merely being a Gentlemen, which Today is very Rare... Many Toms Today are Fast with their hands and Fast talking.
    Silence is Golden so Don't say a word. I am seeing a Third date and who Knows... A kiss you won't Miss.
    Good luck and Good going. xx


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  • Don't send him that. It seems slightly needy. He could likely just be a gentleman and doesn't want to move too fast. If he suggested going on another date then he's definitely interested in getting to know you more which is a very positive sign. He seems interested.