Girls - what are some reasons why you delete guys off facebook?

One thing I've noted is that female friends who I felt had a bit of a crush on me in the past delete me out of no where when they start dating a guy. Of all the friends on their lists, I'd get deleted when I didn't even do anything to them. This makes me feel like the girl gave it away that she once had a thing for me but has now moved on permanently after sitting on the fence for a while. Agree?

I haven't spammed and hardly post


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  • I'd only delete someone off FB if I felt like there's no real friendship there and that it's pointless to give them a place on my FB to see my private things.


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  • It takes a whole lot for me to go and delete someone off Facebook. They'd have to be posting things that I get offended by, constantly, and even then, I'm usually too lazy to bother going to their profile and deleting them.

  • They're annoying
    They clams us as there's when it's not really the case


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