When is it time to stop trying?

I like her, but she seems on off with me. We were #1 snapchat best friends, but then we lost it (which made me wonder to who). I found out she is hanging out with some other guy, saying they aren't dating but ill be soon. I get rather sad, and she very well knew that, so she cancelled on him, and asked me the whole night if I was "mad". She flirts with me, and we are going to go to the movies, mall, and hangout in the coming week (multiple days), but I'm pretty sure its just being friends. She flirts, and sends hearts sometime, but with this guy in the mix, I don't even know. Should I just stop trying and move forward? I like her as a friend, and do feel that I can be just friends, I just don't know what direction to take. Should I wait and see what happens next week?


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  • I don't see any signs of interest on her part


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  • You know what you want and you deserve it. If you want to date her then by all means ask her out. If you feel your at war with another guy and she ain't got her head straight then leave her alone. Me personally I wouldn't spend money or hang out like that with a friend. But best friend. Though you said best friend, I mean someone who's worth my time. Anyway tell her what's bothering you and you might want to be more than friends.


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