My girlfriend is doing something that makes me uncomfortable and I don't want to control her but I really don't like it and don't know what to do?

There is something my girlfriend wants to do that I really don't like. I'm not controlling, so of course the decision is hers to make. But I told her very precisely how uncomfortable it made me, and that I support her, but I didn't support this so I would prefer to not talk about it if she decided to do it. She's still thinking about it, but I would say she's almost dead set on it.

I've told her why I don't like it and how it makes me feel. Is the only thing I can do now accept this? Is there anything else I can or should say? I dont want to pressure her into the decision I want.


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  • Give her an ultimatum. You told her hey, this makes me uncomfortable. She apparently doesn't care how you feel. When you're in a relationship, you're supposed to respect each other. She doesn't respect herself by dancing around near naked for strangers when she doesn't have to, so how can she respect you. Give her an ultimatum, either she stops or you're out of the relationship. You obviously care about her, she just doesn't care.

    • The problem is that I have given her a lot of ultimatums. About her wanting to do a suggestive dance, or doing something very suggestive with a partner (Sometimes twice her age). So I would hate adding one more on. But I realize it might be my only choice.

    • Well then I guess it's about time you show her you're not joking and she needs to take you serious. No more warnings. It's time for action. You know what you have to do. Follow through. Show her you're not a joke.

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  • What does he want to do?

    • She's a dancer. For her next routine she's choosing a character from a show she likes to dance as. One character she's deciding between always wears revealing clothing and is pretty much the point of sex in the show so far from what I've seen. Not to mention she's 20 something and my girlfriend is 15.

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    • She definitely knows, we've argued about this problem many times before. It's just happening again..

    • Well, it seems like she doesn't have as much respect for you , as she has passion for dancing. This doesn't look good to me since you are upset about this.
      Personally, i wouldn't be with a girl who wouldn't listwn to the way i feel.
      But you will hust have to either dish it out
      Or leave her.


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  • If she can't respect your position, and it really bothers you, then perhaps, you should find someone else.

  • Does she want you to murder someone@ or get a piercing?

    • I don't really want to say on here what it is specifically. But imagine if your girlfriend wanted to get a job for basically no pay where she would wear something revealing.

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    • She's Catholic but not practicing I'm not religious. But otherwise we are scarily culturally similar.

    • Tbh, if it was a safety issie, I could be it, but theater and the like frequently involve some degree of body exposition. Its the nature of the beast.

      I think you're just going to have to suck it up ànd deal with it. Nudity is not that nig a deal really. Once you get pst the cultural conditioning you realize its pretty much a nonissue.