What would u do.. if you got sent $1980 by mistake by money gram?

So i was suppused to be semt $190 by money gram for my wii u.. but it never come in the mail after a month so removed the guy number off my phone and haven't heard from him since then. So told i got mail... and its 2 momey fram worth $1980 all togethe in my name. What should i do with it? i plan on seeing if i can return it or wait for him to text me... its been 2 weeks. I read online that he can not get his money back at all with out the money gram becuase the money is on the money gram.


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  • You already contacted him, didn't you?

    • No i lost his number when i reset my phone and thoughtnhe was fake after i waited 1 month for something that never come in the mail till today.

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  • Us honest folk aren't as common as we once were.
    With the attempts you've made, in contacting him for a recommended course of action, and getting no response; I'd cash the whole thing, keep my 190 and send him the Wii and remaining funds in the same box with a note explaining.

    • I selled the wii all ready got tried of waiting. So gonna send it all back i guest

  • Keep it

    • But its the wrong thing to do.

    • well you did ask "what would you do?" And that's what I'd do

    • True true