Should I be concerned that he Readded his Ex on facebook?

so me and this guy have been seeing each other since February and i really like him he is a complete gentleman well when we first started seeing each other he told me about this scene kid phase he went through in high school and how all the pics were on facebook and he kept telling me to look at them well i did and some people might call that facebook stalking which he did. lol. well anyways while looking through his years of photos i saw that he used to be in a relationship with this girl and she is amazingly pretty. i looked her up after i facebook stalked him (remember he told me i could) and i noticed they weren't friends any more on facebook and she was dating one of his good friends. well today i noticed on facebook that they just added each other again after being broken up for 2 full years. this really worries me! he never talked about her in the past and i never bothered to mention his past relationships with him. but should i be worried or am i being parinoid? they both do have mutual friends on facebook.


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  • My exes too are on my fakebook.


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  • I am certain that there is probably nothing to be worried about.