Do I move on or keep trying?

Me and this guy lowkey had a 'thing'. We did't kiss or anything but it was like heavy flirting and touching. when i told him of my feelings he said he didn't feel the same, and to make it even better he really likes one of my very good friends. I go to a boarding school and its summer now so I don't see him, but next year the girl he is into isn't coming back. So should I keep trying or move on? If so, how do try and get him, or how did I move on.


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  • You should move on
    Or in future if you'll be with him then someday he'll break your heart for sure


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  • Sounds like my situation in highschool. Guy was friendly and became close to me. But turns out he was trying to get at my BFF! Horrible! Move on he just wanted your friend not you.