Why do guys stop talking to me?

I have had a couple crushes at work and when I make a tiny move like giving them my number or trying to friend them on Facebook they stop talking to me. Why does this always happen to me :( I'm overweight but other chubby date a lot. What's wrong with me :(


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  • Sometimes a guy finds you attractive but it's just that, it does not mean they want to take it further, they may be ''Window shoppers''

    It could also be due to them not wanting to create problems at work. I find a lot of women attractive but I have no intention of taking anything any further because it's not worth the bother.


What Girls Said 1

  • Jsit because someone talks to you, it doesn't mean they ever wanted to date you.

    • I know that but we would be friends before that and when they find out I want a little more they stop talking to me.