Where can I meet single men in a small town?

I recently moved to a remote community with 25,000 people. I also realized that everyone I know and have made friends with is coupled and apparently everyone they know is coupled too. In fact, I have only met 3 single people near my own age since moving here -- and about 3 dozen couples, mostly DINKs (double income, no kids).

Couples don't tend to invite single women places and social life here revolves around camping, fishing and cultural festivals. Nobody goes to church and there are no shopping malls, multiplexes or nightclubs. Even adult sports are filled with couples.

How do I even begin to try and meet people when there seems to be no singles?


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  • i have that same problem myself so i look online but i dont like how you have to pay a 20 dollar monthly fee just to say hey 1 time lol its the stupidest thing i have seen

  • FarmersOnly. com hahaha have you seen those commercials? Cringes everywhere


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