My boss quit to manage his business can I date him now?

I always felt energy with my boss but he was between production teams. I was assigned to him but he delegated us to interim supervisors to coach us and go over our reports. He was in and out a lot and officially quit. When he was in he would say he needs to go dancing with me. I was hoping he would. He would visit with me. Then he just quit. I facebooked him he accepted. Then he left me a beautiful voice message that made me melt. He says things other guys don't say! He said he loves my energy it is one of the most beautiful things about me and he is sorry he had a prior commitment but he will make this happen. And now I am so happy. But I know everyone at work knows him so I was thinking I better still treat him like he works there because helpless will tell him what they hear. So I can't really say I am going on a date with him unless it becomes something official. No talking about the early stages or any problems that may come up.


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  • ... The he just quit.
    I see Something that could be very Special, @Alohaloli With... Then he left me a beautiful voice message that made me melt.
    I also see other Sure Signs that he is Possibly Into you and Perhaps would love to know you better, especially now too that he has Accepted your Facebook as well. Keep the Open lines of convo Going and Flowing, for this is very Essential here, dear.
    Focus on Him After the doors Close at Five, Never mind Over thinking Anyone at work. Keep your Business to yourself, these people you only work With, are not putting bread on your table, and even if it does become "Official," make sure he is On the cutting Brag Board for you to talk around that Water Kool Cooler.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Why dont you ask him

  • But your profile says you are engaged...

  • But does he even want to date you? I don't really see any interest on his part

    • He messaged me all day says I make him laugh and I am "a hoot" and we have similar paths and he thinks that it is interesting the way our lives match up the more we talk. He messaged me his number he asked for mine and said he will save it! And he said he is so glad I tracked him down. I decided to test him with sharing something I only share when laughing over wine with girlfriends or during comedy! He was like " you are going to test me already ok have at it lol!" I said I tend to share tmi and only about myself if it is funny! So I told him and he said it was not TMI but it was actually deep and u was very sheltered and he is right! But it is also funny when I turn it into comedy! I told him I really don't mind sharing outrageous things but the darnedest things are personal that I keep locked up. I don't share some things so I can trap the warmth and save it only for me. Like the way someone makes me feel! Things that touch my heart. He liked that about me.