Is lol mean he doesn't want to talk?

So I sent him a sc this morning. It was supposed to be funny, but all he sent was an lol, nothing to continue what i said. Does that mean he's bored of me and doesn't want to talk?


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  • Could be. But sometimes he could be busy and he's not in the laughing mood.
    Is he the type that is good at engaging in conversation?

    • He's not good at keeping one conversation going, but he always makes sure to ask 749493 questions to keep a conversation going.

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    • Yeah I tried talking about something exciting that's happening for both of us.. I worded it as a joke, and then he just sent me lol. :( do I try to send something else?

    • Then don't send it as a joke!😂 Make it a serious conversation.

      But if he keeps continuously saying "lol" then leave him be for a day or two. If he comes back, use caution.
      If he doesn't... Then it would be better to have a long-distance relationship with an astronaut on a flaming spaceship lost in space.

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  • That's very little to analyze. If he responds that way constantly and never tries to have a conversation with you (by the way snapchat is a shit place to try to have a conversation in the first place), then that might indicate that he's not interested. But if this was the first time that happened, I think it's a bit silly to assume he's bored of you.

    • Yeah I don't know I noticed yesterday that he was distant, so I kinda freaked out today since its the summer and I haven't seen him since school ended.

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