Guys, What are your thoughts on a girl who tells you how much they like you even though you aren't ready for a relationship?

I've been seeing this guy for about 8 months and 4-5 months into it I asked him what "we" were doing. He said he isn't ready for a relationship due to how his last one ended. I am completely fine with that and I am patient to wait since I have strong feelings for him. However, I am getting a little antsy since he hasn't really said anything since then except for how he missed me while he was visiting his parents for a week. There are a lot of things he sometimes says/does that makes me believe he really does like me and maybe soon will want to move forward with things but not actually knowing what his exact thoughts/feelings are for me is really frustrating at times. I really want to talk to him again and/or just tell him how I really feel, I'm just afraid he will be weirded out or annoyed that I asked again. I also do not want him to think i am trying to force him to be in a relationship with me because I am not. I just need to know because as much as I want to continue seeing him I also do not want to be wasting my time and develop stronger and stronger feelings for someone who doesn't see themselves with me when he would be ready for a relationship.


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  • I don't know hard to say. I think there's a chance he likes you but "time is money🤑. "
    Personally I would like a girl willing to truly open up to me and if I did like her back even after just breaking up I don't think I would wait knowing that she clearly likes me. I feel like I would be taking a risk making u wait for me but I don't know how this guy is. If it was me I would either tell u I like you back or not say Much about dating if I didn't like u. hope it all turns out good for you sista!😎

  • Forget him. He's a lying sack of shit. "I'm not ready" means "I'm not interested in you unless you just want to fuck." Move on and don't wait around. You tell him "well when you are ready let me know IF I'm still single"