Would a guy stop talking to you when everything was great before the first date?

I've been talking to this guy for nearly a week. We weren't expecting to have so much in common. We would talk for hours because we both worked the same work schedule. We spoke about our views on relationships and it seems like we were practically assuming that we were already perfect. He even gave... Show More

He knew what he was getting into. He had seen my pictures and even being on webcam. I was no different than I was online or through a text. He also is 30 years old so I doubt he would go this low to just stop talking to me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. He decided you aren't compatible but didn't want to say it to your face.


    2. You're not the only girl he's been talking with and decided to focus his attention elsewhere.

    • Age has nothing to do with it. He could be 50 and act like he was 17. In fact, most guys do...