Do I have to become a PUA?

I was sitting down and thinking just a few moments ago about the following hypothetical kitchen conversation with my future wife, after of course learning PUA and becoming the best human being ever (much sarcasm intended).

Me: "Honey, remember when we were dating and I perfectly executed that deep dive, followed by an absolutely flawless jealousy trap and close? I was seriously considering nexting you, until you became my oneitis."

Wife: "Okay..."

Me: "Wasn't that AWESOME?"

It's hard to ignore this idea that being a guy, even a talented, attractive guy just isn't enough and that the ONLY way to go is to learn these 'tactics.' Resident PUA's, please tell me about your lives and how amazing they are and how your relationships actually turn out.


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  • That's not the only way to go. Sheesh...


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  • PUA isn't about simply getting women anymore. It's about developing yourself to simply be yourself. It's a life skill that teaches social interaction with all people, learning how to be amusing to yourself and how to have fun with others. It's not about the HOW and the actions you do in an interaction, it's all about the place where it comes from.


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  • yeah, you can mix in some PUA... you don't need to go wild on all the terminology and canned lines and stuff though. just simple, authentic approaches are fine.

  • i fuck bitches every day. i only hit up 9's and 10''s, fuck openers, i just talk to her confidently and tell her that she's cute and would love to get a coffee some time- and it always work. i never let myself get AMOG'd I AM ALPHA, and i always let them know that by throwing them a neg once in a while so i always have the upper hand in all situations. Im a PUA and its great! i get chicks and sex! and my dick gets wet! ALWAYS

    • Oh wow... a real PUA has graced our presence ladies and gentlemen. Your alpha greatness, who has never been rejected by any girl, please teach me the ways of the chicks. Teach me to be awesome so I can stop sucking like all those beta males