Bad first date idea?

Okay so I've been talking to a guy I met online for about 2 months now. It'll be 3 by the time we meet.

We're trying to organize a first date and have gone through a range of different ideas. Waterskiing, trampolining, him cooking for me etc. But we've just thought of a walk in a forest.

Now it could be extremely romantic, but at the same time he could be a serial killer :/ Lol I highly doubt that he's a killer but then again I could be wrong.

Considering the length of time we've been talking to each other (3 months), do you think meeting for a romantic walk in the forest is a bad idea? Especially since he suggested other ideas as well?


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  • Do not go into a forest with him... he might not be a serial killer because killers usually do not kill without reason unless they're trying to get away with what they did. Go somewhere public, for your safety. A restaurant is perfectly fine. Don't confuse movies with reality. In a movie it's perfectly romantic and lovely but then... change the genre of the movie you're watching into a horror film and you'll see a new outcome. Safety first, men later.


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  • I would go somewhere more public for a first date. Not just because you met him online but because it's your first time being alone with him. I would say the same if he was a classmate or a guy you met through another friend. We don't know what people's intentions are anymore.

    Great spots for a first date would be in a park or on a beach during the day time, a coffee shop, restaurant, mall, festival, amusement park, etc.

    The key is to be surrounded by others in case there's something off about this guy, it makes it easier for you to walk away from him and leave.

    I would strongly not recommend going somewhere so exclusive with him, like the forest, before you get to know him better one-on-one in person. Especially not his home or yours.


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  • there are far more ways for him to kill you if he really wanted to.


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  • nahh i think as long as you know he's real, like youve seen his fb and know he's normal it would be fine. but i tend to be naive.