Do guys get discouraged thinking a girl likes a different guy?

the guy that likes me I'm not so sure knows that I like him, even though I think I've made it as obvious as possible other than actually saying it straight forward.

Anyway, apparently (I didn't witness this, but my friend did) in one class today, he was talking to his friend and his friend kept saying "ask her ask her". Then someone was like "ask who" and another person was like "he likes {my name}!!!" and then ANOTHER person was like "you like {my name}?" And this girl was like "haha I don't think she likes anyone in this class..." And then another guy... This is the one that annoys me the most says "oh I had a thing with her last year." And apparently he didn't even say he was joking afterwards he just left it at that. I hardly even TALK to this kid nevermind have a thing with him. Will this discourage the guy I like from ASKING ME OUT?

i can't tell him I know this because I wasn't in that class. My friend was.


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  • I get discouraged, it feels like I have no chance because once I got rejected because the girl likes some other guy.


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  • Calm down, take it easy. Now this did discourage him a little but you should be going up to him, ask him if he wants to hangout, talk more so he can ask you more about u and stuff. And slowly, he will ask you out and if he even might ask you if you really "had a thing" with that boy :) If he really likes you, he won't care wht that boy said. Good luck!!