Okay I have question for the lady's for is it normal?

I'm dating this girl and she's Pretty awesome I like spending time with her but... For the most part she can't handle her stress vary well.. And she Gose too AA meetings I'm a African American male in my culture this isn't really sane or appropriate because she doesn't drink at all.. And I'm wondering is this normal? She says she likes going because it's good guideline for a spiritual life. Well me I think church is more suitable for that and I don't know I feel like she's using orthers experiences a guideline of what and what not to do im not sure if that's healthy? for her own sake. Wired question to ask please if you have any answer I'd love to hear responses.


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  • If that's where she gets inspiration and a purpose in life, then good for her. If you think the church would be a better place for her, why don't you take her one day?

    • Honestly never thought about it, It's been a month and honestly! Like she's as prefect as they come now. Being that we deal with are problems definitely.. It's not hard to understand were she coming from when she address something for me at lest it's when she says well it's because of this.

      That's what makes it hard for me to understand /.\

  • Yeah girls do weird things. Maybe you should go with a meeting for her so she feels and knows you support her even if she doesn't drink.

  • She believes what she does and you believe what you do. So if that's too much of a difference then it won't work out with you guys


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