Is it too soon to confirm plans with this guy off Tinder?

Two weeks ago, I was in London for a family birthday weekend. I'm on Tinder, so I'd swipe every now and then, matching with guys nearby. When I returned home (I live about an hour away) I continued talking to a few but there was one which caught my interest. We chatted for several days, and I mentioned that I was looking to move to London later this year after saving some money. He said he'd love to meet me and grab a drink. I said that would be nice. After a few days, I mentioned I would be in London maybe next weekend or weekend after, to do some holiday shopping and he said I should let him know.

I'm keen to meet him, so today I'm plannng on mentioning that my confirmed plans for visiting London are this Sat but I'm not sure whether his might be too short notice on his side to meet up? I don't want to come off as too available either, but I know this scenario mostly depends on my coming to London.

London isn't far from where I live, and its easy to get too but its also expensive and I'd feel a bit let down if he already had plans. I'd rather let him know sooner or later.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds like you're making a lot out of this. Most guys are on Tinder to meet people and not just to chat with girls and 'see what's out there'.
    So why not plan a 'safe date' like a coffee or lunch. When you meet in person, you will be better able to judge if he's worth spending more time with.

    • Hi thanks for the advice. It was only ever going to be a small drink or "safe date" as you put it lol

  • Just relax and do it. This is how people meet. If he's interested he'll work it out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Let him know so he doesn't make other plans