I'm torn between what I want and my family?

Three moths ago I met guy and we immediately clicked. We talked all day everyday for a while until things started to get messy. He works with my sister who is not really keen on the idea of me dating this guy, also he has told me a lot of things about his past that aren't really what I look for in a guy (sleeping around pretty much). I was willing to over look this because I ended up liking him a lot, more than I thought I would, but the problem is my sister. She completly freaked out on me when I mentioned going out with him, she absolutely doesn't like him. Fast forward to two days ago I broke things off because I was having to lie about where I was to my sister when I was with him and it didn't feel right. Everything is back to normal between me and her, but I haven't talked to him in 2 day and I miss him like crazy. All I want is him and I can't have him because of my sister, do you think it's worth risking my relationship with her for him? HELP.


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  • do you know why she doesn't like him? There's likely a good reasson

    • Like I said he's know for being a "party boy", sleeping around and drinking a lot, but when he's with me he's nothing luke that

    • I say ditch him. You sister likely knows what's up and his past sex life sounds like it is going to affect your relationship. You can't change him. He's taming himself to get you to like him and then he'll likely go back to his regular self

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  • Don't let emotion blind your logical judgment

  • Convince your sister.


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  • It doesn't matter if she likes him or not