Do guys also believe in love fairy tales as women?

I mean like a guy dream as a women when it comes to love as get to know a girl, date, committ, settle, get married, form a family, etc etc.

I asked because is normal and more natural the woman is the one in who mostly have those kind of goals but I haven't heard or read if there are men out there who think just like a woman or that comes from as you age
regarldess of the gender?

I know guys who do not like to committ and like remain single their whole life, just like to hang out, shorts hooks up, have flings etc, but never really seriously settle because they dont want the whole drama that comes to commit to a lady and the responsability when they get married. There are guys who are like that still in their 40's. or is that at that age they do not even know what they want?

Other guys do like to date and have some steady gfs fbut not permanently as they dont like committment of being tight down to a a marriage but they enjoy maybe the company of a girlfriend for some time.

I also like to add nowadays in this century more women who are a bit more mature do not believe in fairy tales anymore as they age, Is that correct? But of course there are still those women who still believe in the fairy tales.


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  • That isn't a fairytale. I can do all that and not be happy in the relationship. Men are more logical therefore we can decipher more easily what is real. Fairytales aren't what men think about mainly because it's nearly all about the woman. Plus to most men its like they know they are going to get married there's a sense of guarantee and it therefore loses it good feeling. For women its fairytale like because there's question whether a man will propose the ring the wedding. There's uncertainty for women because they can't control if they get married majority of the time.


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  • I think they do but they don't say it out loud

    • and why they dont like to say it out loud whats the problem?

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  • I do, and there isn't a day I don't think about it, but to be honest I have never heard of any other man who are like me. Only some who are close to your description. I don't know a lot of guys but I will estimate it to be at least around 1 in every 100 men who want this.

    • So you say that guys do not believe in that stuff for sure

    • Not everyone no, but I think a lot of guys want it but not all of them believe in it or they just don't want to admit it. But don't take my word for it, because to me someone only truly believes in it if they stay pure until they find it. Maybe you should search for a poll like this, or create one.

  • Yes, but unlike women, it's not something they really vocalise and certain don't chat about it with their friends.

  • I didn't, monogamy in my mind is the lesser of two, well not exactly evils but less than ideal situations.


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  • yes. when the realize its bullshit they become bitter and treat every female, who comes after the one it didn't work out with, like shit.