I haven't dated much compared to some friends, is this considered childish?

A lot of my friends have had year long relationships or more, and I've barely dated. I've been with a few guys, but the last time I had a boyfriend was four something years ago.

Anyway when I think of dates their casual like going to a cinema and grabbing a bite, or going out to a theme park or a picnic. Something small and simple, but have I missed out on this? Are dates now either going to restaurants or hanging out having drinks. I feel like if I mention doing these things I'll look like an immature girl.


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  • No not childish at all.
    Some might say a bit prude-ish.
    On the bright side, no one will call you a hoe :-D !!


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  • Those all sound like dates to me. If they aren't I don't know what I've been going on for my entire relationship xD


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