How's a guy suppose to have experience when women dont want a man who's inexperienced or has never had a girlfriend and experienced it?

I get It all the time I don't know how but women always ask me the question, have you ever had a girlfriend before or another question and honestly, I can't lie many people say to fake it but why would I when all I would be doing is making a fool of myself because one way or another a woman is going to figure out I'm an inexperienced virgin 24 year old one way or another and now not only will I look foolish but I will also be a liar, so lying is out of the question because it won't work for me, what can I do because honestly I can see where women are turned off and strongly dislike inexperience, and the thing is I'm only getting older, I can imagine how a woman Will feel about a 30 year old inexperienced virgin lol, by that time many women would have already been married once or have kids, what can I do, it's already hard enough trying to keep a girls interest and I can't lie it's starting to frustrate me and I really don't want to become bitter but I also don't want to be 30 and never had a girlfriend you know lol, sometimes I wonder I see some gups who have no problem attracting women many of them aren't even nice and are complete asses but yet they attract women to them or my friends the same thing, but yet other guys can't seem to get girls attention for the life of themselves you know, any advice? Besides do activities you like to do or focus on yourself or be confident, I'm not getting any younger over here.


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  • Catch 22's are fun, eh? It's like when a job expects you to have all this experience but you can't break into the line of work to gain the experience because you... lack experience.

    Let's go over your options.

    1. Hold out hoping that you come across a girl that for whatever reason doesn't care about your past history and almost eagerly takes up the position of teacher. There aren't a lot of girls like this and while this particular site is filled with girls that say they think that is sweet and want to get married before they have sex themselves, that is certainly not representative of reality.

    2. Lie. I know, I know... you said you didn't want to lie. Unfortunately lying is generally how the human race overcomes social barriers. You can always word it in such a way that your answers are vague but still make you sound like you are more or less being truthful. Maybe once you get past a certain point of no return it will matter less.

    3. Pay a prostitute or find a girl that is willing to do stuff for money. Might not be the avenue you want to go down but it's one functional way to get the job done.

    Either way, the sad reality is that the clock is ever ticking. The older you get, the more your virginity is held over your head like a badge of shame and women just don't generally want to bother with a guy that is in his 20s and still a virgin. They just view people like that as defective or something. As if natural selection needs to remove them from existence already.

    • Straight to the point and keeping it real, thanks, the only girl that responded of course gave an unhelpful answer lol she said start doing.


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  • Complaining won't get you anywhere. Start doing instead.


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  • duh. online.

  • Welcome to our "progressive" sex obsessed culture, bro. There's really not much you can do.