Should I text him?

There is this guy in my precalculus class and I've never talked to him. Then the other day, I asked him to sign my yearbook and then he asked me to sign his. Then today on the last day of school he said hi and we talked a little bit. He follows me on instagram and i follow him as well. I want to dm him, but I don't know if it would be weird. Should I text him over the summer on instagram?


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  • Rest assure that it wouldn't be weird whatsoever. He asked you to sign his yearbook and followed you on Instagram so it shows that he's interested to be friends with you. I'm sure he'd be glad if you do text him as he probably won't mind talking with you. You guys can get to know each other over time and who knows maybe that'd be a start of something more than just a friendly relationship.

    If you like him or want to talk to him feel free to text him. It wouldn't be weird at all. Good luck! :)


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  • It's hard to say. I think it definitely helps that you guys had some sort of conversation today, and that you guys exchanged yearbook wishes (how cute!). Maybe you could spark a conversation about what he wrote in the yearbook? If it's the generic "I'm so glad I had a class with you this year or have a great summer" then just dm him about something else. Good luck! You'll never know until you try :)


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  • Yes you should. Otherwise you'll never know


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  • Sure, Go ahead and 'Text him over the summer on instagram.'
    It appears with some Writing on the wall and All that you both have Began a Good Chemistry of a Friend's Repore and by Texting over the summer it could also lead To... More in Store.
    Good luck And Best wishes. xx

  • Do it!!!