Choose my tinder pickup line?

Matched with an 8/10 model. Added her on snap.. She is legit. No catfish. Haven't messaged yet.Choose my tinder pickup line?

  • Can I be forward with you?
    28% (5)7% (1)18% (6)Vote
  • *insert witty pickup line here*
    28% (5)53% (8)39% (13)Vote
  • So I guess this means we are dating now.. If so I want my side of the bed facing the wall.
    6% (1)27% (4)15% (5)Vote
  • Ohshit.. That's my mums name. Awkfukbye
    38% (7)13% (2)28% (9)Vote
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  • Dude? Wtf? Don't go around posting other people's pics online.
    And if you have to use a pickup line in order to get a girl's attention, you SERIOUSLY lack game. Like go back to kindergarten.


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