Why does he do this?

I am trying not to get mad or think negative but it is hard. It seems like every time my boyfriend comes over to see me and when I text him saying I love you have a good day or i miss you. He doesn't text me back the same day I seen him. But he will be on Facebook here and there through out the day. Like I know he works two jobs and yesterday he work both jobs and I text him a cute message and he didn't say anything back but he was on Facebook through out his shift. Like I just check Facebook and he was on 2 hours ago. Like I know he loves me but everytime he comes over it just seems like he doesn't have to text me back if I text him the same day I seem him. And I just don't want to start a stupid argument over this but I don't know why he does this. Should I say something because he has done this more then once or should I let it go?


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  • He is not big may be he is into men.


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  • Don't text him anymore