How come I always get older women attracted to me?

Hi while I was waiting for a date yesterday ( the girl I was waiting for is from Brazil ) I had two different ladies in their 40's and 50's come up to me and told me I'm absolutely gorgeous and look like prince Harry and one kissed me on the check , I've always seem to get older women attracted to me , and girls from non western nations always attracted to me (hence why I mention the girl from Brazil), is it just me or a lot of girls who were born after 1980 and born into a first world country and nice city... Well a lot of the girls just come across as real dumb and shallow , both of my brothers date girls from the country side , I did business law and economics degree and the only girls I felt compatible with and who were really nice were all taken. Anyway back to the point... I always get 40+ year old women hitting on me or making suggestions yet , 18-30 year olds just plain and dumb as dog shit. Have any you fellas had older ladies hit on you? I'm starting to become much more attracted to older ladies because they can hold a convo without stating OMG I got sooooo drunk last week , omg did you watch mtv? OMG shut the hell up , anway rant over


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  • if they are offering why are you complaining I know you are also pulling under 40's women

  • You're a cougar magnet.


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