My girlfriend wants to go swimming but I am insecure about my weight. What should I do?

I am 15 and I have been dating this girl for about a month. We have been on 4 dates and I am going to her house tomorrow. The problem is I am extremely insecure about my weight. 2 years ago I went from being 300 pounds to 170 and I still weigh 170 but I feel like I'm fat and I have abnormally large nipples. I don't want her to be turned off by my looks but I don't want to seem weird for swimming with a shirt on. Should I tell her how I feel or just take my shirt off and go with the flow?


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  • Um.. If she's your girlfriend I am pretty sure she has a rough idea of what your naked body looks like.. Just go and be confident.

  • if you consider it a distressing matter to yourself. I would tell about how you feel.