Guys, When a guy introduces you to his friends - is he thinking seriously about you?

Guys: what does it mean when a guys invites a girl to a party, bbq, dinner or event where some of his friends will be? I know as a girl, I sometimes will invite a guy i'm hanging out with to where my friends are because I don't mind him being my friend. Do guys think like this or does it mean he's thinking about being serious/having a relationship with a girl?


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  • It's means he's a pussy who is trying to get you to make the first move so he doesn't have to LOL. Seriously, though, he probably likes you but just doesn't have the courage for whatever reason to come out with it. In other words, he's tip-toeing around you, which is always a bad look for a guy.

    If you like him, flirt and give him some gentle encouragement to let him know you're receptive.

  • It could mean the other way too, and you're just friends.