I'm in love with my bestfriend?

He's 3 years older than me but we've been friends since birth. Everybody automatically thinks we're dating but we aren't. Every time I try to set him up with a girl he compares them to me but has yet to ask me out. How do I know if he likes me and how do I tell him? by the way His birthday was today!🎉


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  • Well for one thing... stop trying to set him up with other girls, he's going to get the wrong idea if you do that, lol! I did the same thing when I was younger, turned out my friend liked me all along but didn't think I liked him... mistakes were made. xD

    Honestly, I would just be honest with him. Ask "Do you like me as more than a friend?" If he says no, you can always make an excuse like "oh one of my other friends thought maybe you did" or "I just wanted to know because you compare me to other girls you might date", or something along those lines. Good luck! :)


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  • You can tell that you like him when you both are alone.

  • This is tricky: he's just going to assume you only like him as a friend, especially if you try to set him up with other girls.

    If he changes his behavior towards this would be a major sign, other than that it's a blind bet...


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  • If he compares them to you, he probably has a thing for you as well.