Help me please?

Okay I know I'm young but I'm scared that I will never find someone because of my scars. Are they bad because I get told that they are. I hit a rough patch and was stupid but will I ever find someone or that I'm ugly because of them. Can I have some advice? Will any guy look over them? Can you help me out please?


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  • I found someone who understood and even though we didn't stay together, he came for me every night for a year and held me as I cried and didn't care about the scars. Like I said, we're not together anymore but it is only because we aren't the perfect match. I still love him and he's a great person. Meeting him gave me hope that there are others in the world like him and once I meet the right one for me it will be ok (: besides, you don't need a guy to make you happy. Even if you never find your true love you have life to celebrate. And friends who will always be there for you! God bless

  • Hey, scars fade, man. And some guy will love you regardless of the scars. You just gotta find him. But make sure that you are over the cutting, and solved the problem, and maybe also get a therapist, theyarentaren't as awful as people say, and lots of people see them. Love ya, stay strong and whatnot, and also understand that your worth doesn't resolve in your appearance alone, and scars fade.

    • Thanks its been a little over a year and I'm getting a little better

    • That's great. I'm proud of ya.