I texted him something very important and he read it but never responded, what do I do?

So me and my ex recently broke up and we wanted to remain to be friends. He's friends with me on snapchat and I posted a snap saying "I'm gonna miss you guys" then he texted saying "Hey, where are you leaving to?" then I said "I'm moving" . He read my text but never responded to me. What could that mean? I told him something very important and he never responded. Also when I see him, in class he always stares at me and he looks so stressed. I also don't know if I should approach him or not... If you could answer my question, thanks!


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  • I guess you accept that he doesn't care.


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  • Maybe sad that you're moving, he was use to you being around even if you were not together he knew you were still there but now you are moving he probably is feeling a plethora of emotions basically sad you are moving.