Should I just give up or see what happens when he gets back?

Ok so I had a really good long distance relationship with a guy in the marines for like 3/4 months. I know he's depressed and has some personal issues. But one day he says he can't handle a relationship right now and breaks it off. Months later on my birthday he reaches out and reconnects with me and says he loves me and can't wait to see me when he gets back. But now all off a sudden he's acting distant saying he misses home really bad. He's going to be home in a couple month. I send a kind text saying that I really care about him and love having him in my life but just want some reassurance that he's sure he wants me.. Since he's acting weird toward me. Should I just let it in and see what happens when he gets back or just leave it alone for good. He's pretty honest about what he wants so I know his feelings are there. Just this depression phases I'm starting to just take personally.


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  • Well never get between his home and him , but it depends when he is depresed about what... do not push him , just make him feal safe that he can have trust in you and give him ur love that s what a depresed person needs ;)


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  • I think it's already over.