Girls, Girls need an opinion?

Ok so I don't want to see nervous or over reacting but this is really annoying me. Ok so there's this store that sells pandora bracelets in the city I live in full of girls I sometimes go in like every 2 months to check what they sell as I'm an entrepreneur and always looking at ways to diverse my buisness. So it first started off when I was walking towards the main doors and one of the girls was just staring as I was walking up. So ok fair enough she could be just bored. But she kept doing it and if I seen her in the streets and I walked past she always seems nervous like don't know to look at me or look away. So when ever I go in there's this other girl I seen her in a pub and she looked at me and seemed nervous. And when ever I go in they all whisper to each other and look at me it's extremely annoying ! As I don't know why they're doing it I dress nice like a grey suit. Up to date hair cut matching grey suede shoes and shave and look after myself I. e quite well built rugby kind of body. But they ALWAYS doing it like 10 of them it's so annoying it makes me feel nervous why do they do this they been doing it for like a year now.


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  • One of the girls probably had a crush on you and told the other girls. Now when you come by they all notice. Their whispers are much more likely teasing her than mocking or insulting you. Say hi and be nice. Maybe you will be asked out when she gets up the nerve.

    • I was thinking that but then when I tried to asses which one it was about 80% of them all do similar things.