Do guys think about the girls they had the chance to date but didn't?

Like if a girl asks a guy out and he thinks she's pretty and all but doesn't know her well, and then eventually shrugs her off in favor of getting back with his ex who he is more "comfortable with", would he ever think about the girl he basically rejected because he wasn't comfortable? Like will he think about her and wonder how she is and what she's up to and regret not getting to know her? Also what if he knows she's going through a rough time emotionally when he rejects her?


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  • I was really close with a girl in the 7th grade, I thought she was perfect and still do. at the time I thought of her as my best friend who I had extra feelings for. At the time I was too scared to ask her to be more than friends I know she would of said yes but I couldn't pull myself to do it. We remained really close through out middle school but we went to different high schools and it seemed we grew apart. We both got older and developed our social skills, then ended up with lovers I've been with my girlfriend for 6 months and I know she has had a boyfriend for probably close to a year now. Anyway I'm a collage sophomore now and I'm happy with my relationship but everyday I kick myself for not tieing the knot when I could have and it lost me a opportunity that I know I will never get back

    • How would you feel if you barely knew the girl?

    • Ehhh probably not so much, more of a meh life goes on don't worry about it thing

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  • Yeah but it's mostly just a guilt trip, I guess. My crush rejected me few months ago (because of his ex) and ever since then he regularly texts me checking up how I'm doing and initiating hang outs. He really wants me as a friend. :D

  • My first crush who rejected me in the past and who I'm still friends with apparently does 😂 He constantly tells me how he will "be in love with me someday" lmao too bad I've moved on..

    • Not sure how it's with guys who you don't have any further contact to though but I'd imagine it depends a lot on how many opportunities they get in general in that case.

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    • can I pm u