My friends think I should be cautious of guys that bring up these topics on a first date. Do you think these are red flags?

It wasn't a date as such, we were just hanging out. He brought up marriage quite early on out of nowhere, he said he had changed his mind about marriage and told me exactly why. We had a little discussion about it and I felt like he was just testing me to see how I responded.

He mentioned wanting kids and the amount he wanted on two occasions. He asked me if I was looking to have kids anytime soon to which I replied '' no I'll start getting worried when I turn 30'' He said he wanted to be financially stable beforehand and wasn't ready, although I didn't ask him back lol.

I have spoken about just about everything on a first date and to me I didn't see anything wrong with this conversation... However my friends think I should be cautious. What do you think?


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  • Ugh, imagine wanting kids as a woman. This is 2016, I can't believe he asked you that question.


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  • I mean if you both are comfortable and he wasn't saying that about you but in general, sometimes people want to get to the point of where they see their future because they don't want to waste anyone's time if they don't want the same.