Co-worker sending mixed signals?

I have feelings for my coworker. We get along really well and we flirt when we are around each other but can't tell if he's just a nice guy to everyone or if he feels the same way. He has such an intensely deep stare when he looks at me, will tease me, pay just a bit more attention to me than everyone else and will come stand by me if we're with a group at the bar, but it feels like mixed signals. He won't ask me one on one to go out, even for lunch or coffee. One minute he's flirting and the next, he'll ask me a question like "If a girl keeps looking at me, do you think she's interested? Because that girl over there is doing that." And I just play it cool even though it throws me off guard and say something along the lines of, "yeah, probably! Did you want to ask her for her number?" And he'll say " Nah. If I was attracted to her I'd go for it".

Which makes me think this his way of saying "if I was into you, I'd tell you but I'm not and just want to make sure you know that". It's weird. Is he playing hard to get or is he really just not interested? If you were interested in a coworker and she seemed to be interested in you too, would you do something about it?


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  • Ask him questions and you will get know his intentions.


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  • He is not interested.