Do you Date based on horoscopes/ signs, or do you go with the flow?

as a gemini, horoscopes has always been tricky topic in dating. whenever a girl asked what sign i was. when i said gem. they would respond like, Oh... You guys are " Insert Negative comment here" and then they vanish. the most popular one is " You guys are two faced" or my ex was a gem, and he was horrible. and im like Really? hell i be okay with if you called me ugly. but My horoscope is why you rejected me LMAO?

i never got basing a person off what time of the year they were born in, i always thought it was silly, moreso after reading the info on the signs and pointing out that a majority of people i know dont act like how they are said to.

so how do you date. this should be a fun convo


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  • I have never dated according to horoscopes and I don't plan on doing it ever in the future. Horoscopes create some kind of expectation of a person before you have even gotten to know them for example : I'm a virgo I'm shy and quiet until I get to know someone then you won't get me to shut - up. Imagine if everyone dated according to how successful two horoscopes match up the world would be a very boring, calculated place. Sorry for the verbose response.


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  • Horoscopes. Well trying.


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  • I go with the flow


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