Was this wrong of me, or no?

She's been ignoring me, and just reading messages but no reply. I'm even asking her if she needs help, asking how she's doing, going out of my way to check on her, but to no avail. Occasionally she'll send me a message, but very rarely. Tonight, she initiates conversation, and we send maybe two three snaps between us. Then, she just stops replying. I ask her questions, ask whats up, share things, and she just views them but doesn't respond. So, I'm thinking "back to that again huh?". I sent a snap saying "ok, great talk" with a sort of eyes rolled frustrated face. Again, viewed but no reply. Was that wrong, or was it ok to show my frustration? Should I make her make the next move, or say sorry or?


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  • Just stop contacting her, she isn't interested clearly and you need to take the hint.


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  • I don't know how well u know her but that happed to me recently. My boyfriend turned out to be depressed and even msg'n was too much at the time.
    Try to go and see her


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