Guys, Online dating - how can I get a guy I've been emailing online to call me? Whenever I give them my phone number they just send text messages?

Even if I email him my number and ask him to call me they say ok, then send me a text. And then more texts but never a call. What's the point of texting a complete stranger? How can I get them to call so we can get to know each other?


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  • Maybe long-distance calling is super-expensive for him, where he is!! What's so wrong with online, and texting?
    Anything you can talk about on the phone, you can text, or email!! Maybe take the time, waiting for his response!!
    There is something about sending a letter, or email, and having to wait, anticipating, wanting to know, that makes it that much more fabulous when you get the response!!
    Maybe he is wanting to see how patient you can be, and if you can step back from the momentary gratification of today's phone tech!!
    My current girlfriend HATES that I don't have a cell phone, and don't text!! At first, she sent me dozens of texts, that went to my work email, and I only responded here or there, to some. SHE WAS HATING me, for that, until I explained!!
    She has her life, and I have mine, and at some times of the day, we are together, and that is 'OUR' time. The other times are my work time, or 'Me' time! I ADORE her, but I need my space, and she might not know, but she needs hers, too!!
    We are much better, now, with the boundaries!!


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  • What?

    You ask them to call you. Or call them. Please tell me you don't do everything through subtlety and blind hope and faith.

    • I said in my question I ask them to call and they still text

  • I dont know. But i wish a girl sent me her number , i would call. Lol.

  • Well you can call each other on whatsapp.